Browndale, PA - 1920s - 1940s
Frank Paukstis (family photos)

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Dad grew up in Browndale, in northeastern PA. His parents Stanley and Mary Alanskas Paukstis immigrated from Lithuania.
Stanley arrived first and Mary followed 2 years later with their 2 daughters
They had 4 sons (Tony, Stanley, Ben, and Frank) and 5 daughters (Kathryn, Ann, Mary, Helen and Veronica)
Dad in first grade
A few years later
Stanley and Mary Alanskas Paukstis
Mary Paukstis and her daughter Mary Prezelski
For some reason the Paukstis children were registered in school under the name "Poska"
and are identified as such in the Browndale School Memorial Yearbook

I think the boy in the center of this group is my Dad - Frank "Poska"

Grade 7
Grade 6 or 8

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 4

Stanley Paukstis and son in law Bill McCuskie
Stanley Paukstis reading a Lithuanian newspaper
Brothers Stanley and Ben (Benedict) Paukstis
Ben Paukstis at his base in WWII
Mary Alanskas Paukstis
My Dad Frank Paukstis in the garden at the Browndale house.
Stanley Paukstis (who died in 1963) with his first great-grandchild in the late 50s.
Mary Alanskas Paukstis (She died in 1956)
Dad in Bill McCuskie's car
Dad with his nieces Madelyn and Evelyn (1943?)
Dad with nieces Madeline & Ann Marie (1941 or 42?)
Grandpa Stanley Paukstis with daughter Ann,
granddaughter Madeline and children in 1963
Helen Paukstis (also known as Helen Poska)
Adam Cimahosky and Stanley Paukstis
Dad's dog Pippy
Daisy and her puppies.
The house in Browndale must have been a lively place with 9 children and assorted animals. I know they had 4 cows (one named Lipinsky), lots of dogs and cats. Mostly I heard stories of Dad's dog "Pippy." Pippy was run over by a car when Dad was 17.