The small village of Browndale, PA maintained its own school from 1908 - 1958
This book documents that period of history.

Thank you to Tom and Gerald Nograsek for saving these memories.

Historical Photos Index

The following photos are enlargements of the small class group photos
that appear in the book.
Perhaps this will help in the identification of relatives.

1927 - 4th Grade

1927 - 5th Grade

1927 - 6th Grade

1927 - 7th & 8th Grade

1927 - 3rd Grade

1927 - 2nd Grade

1927 1st Grade

The following photo was not part of the booklet but provided separately by Tom Nograsek.

Names from the left starting at the top are:
Adam Wojcik, Mary Ann Skubic, Tom Nograsek, Lourdes Sheroshek, Carl Struss, Tina Skubic, Steve Hruby, Eugene Drasler, Donald Washleski, Joyce Drasler, William Pevec, Edith Hadley, Ronald Zawisky, Carol Zawisky, George Planinsek, Judy Tengowski, Carl Yurkovick, William Puntar, Barbara Miskavage, Anthony Wojcik, Joyce Rokavec, Rudy Ravnikar, Myron Mukulak, Mary Ann Harvartine. The teacher is Harriet Grunski.