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USS Philadelphia CL-41
Growing Up in Brooklyn
My friend Josina & significant snowfall (1955 or 56?)
Linda in our apartment - 1956
Adele Kirk (Linda's Aunt)
Christiansen's had a bungalow at Rockaway.
Linda's Dad Gabe with my father.
Linda's mother Ann and her sister Adele
Alberta (Josina's sister) at Easter
Patty Ann at Easter
Linda & me
Prospect Park was a popular photo spot
Playing "Farmer in the Dell" at my 6th Birthday Party. Parties were simple back then.
My new bike - a HEAVYWEIGHT Colson.
That's our 1949 Kaiser in the background
My 6th birthday party with lots of neighborhood kids: Linda, Josina, Philip & Helen Ann Pascone, Jimmy Volini, Lundrigens & others,
My 9th birthday included schoolmates Lucille Cerulli, Mary Ann Kwiatkowski and her cousin Paul, Phyllis Smolinski and the neighborhood kids too.
Neighbors: Christiansen's, Kirks & SanFilipos