Our Apartment in Brooklyn 192 - 11th St
(1947 - 1956)

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USS Philadelphia CL-41
After the GIs returned from WWII my parents were lucky to find this 3 1/2 room apartment,
My crib was in their bedroom
The carriage stayed in the kitchen.
The harness prevented my escape.
A metal tub on 2 kitchen chairs = bathtime
"Reading" a Golden Book - 15 months
In the 50s you were never too young to play at being a mommy
My dolls Dolly and Daisy Mae
I was actually very neat
Feb 52 - Interesting wall paper
December 1952
Tap dancing to "Yankee Doodle Dandy"
1953 - One of many "bride" dolls - A hint?
Christmas 54
Christmas 56