Historical Photos - 1938-1939
Browndale, PA (Frank Paukstis)
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Coal Mining was the main industry in the Browndale - Forest City area.
Both of my grandfathers (Stanley Paukstis and Gregory Dupkanich) were miners
Some of these photos were taken in 1939 when Dad brought a friend Mike Misiak from NYC to visit his hometown.

Frank Paukstis and Frankie Moser screening coal

Frank Paukstis - cracking coal
Frank Paukstis carrying 160 lb bag of coal from the "pits" In the "pits" of a bootleg mine - Stanley Paukstis, Botsa Markel, Frankie Moser (killed as a paratrooper in WWII at age 21)

Stanley Paukstis - cracking coal

Goulie Moser, Stanley Paukstis, Gus Moser, Frankie Moser
in the "pits" of a "Bootleg" mine
Mike Misiak at the Manway Entrance to the Colebrook Mine
Mike Misiak by a "Bootleg" Mine in Browndale

  Colebrook Mine - Simpson, PA
Frank Paukstis Mike Misiak and two miners
  Mike Misiak and Frank Paukstis in Simpson, PA
after visiting the Colebrook Mine

Strip Mine and Monaghan Steam Shovel Mike Misiak, Frank Paukstis and four miners
In 1962 Dad and I took these pictures near Carbondale. The mines had closed by that time, but
Dad explained that coal underground was burning and they were unable to put out the fire. People living nearby had to leave their homes.