The Frioul Archipelago (2022)

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We arrived at the islands 78 years after my Dad was here in the USS Philadelphia
liberating Southern France from the Nazis

Today the island has 150 residents
Access to some areas is restricted

The island in the distance is significant to our story
My Dad's ship bombarded Frioul from a hidden position
several miles behind it.

The structure on an island offshore is the infamous
Chateau d'If, a defensive fort built in 1529 which
later served as an "Alcatraz like" prison.
It was the site of Dumas "Count of Monte Cristo"






In 1944 the island at the right hid the USS Philadelphia from counterfire by the German troops

The islands are home to many varieties of plants and marine birds

Machine gun firing ports covered the beach area
Now it is a place for recreation

A cast inscription (Adolf Hitler) is barely visible

People live by the causeway connecting the 2 islands

Looking back past the Chateau d'If toward Marseille

A well bombed observation post

A fighting trench on the hillside


A large caliber gun position

This is one of the gun positions that could not hit
the USS Philadelphia
behinc the island far in the distance
Boot prints from when the fortification was built

Bernard explaned the significance of each location

Another observation post

An observation post and firing position hit by naval gunfire

One last look back to the island that protected the USS Philadelphia from enemy fire
pictures taken by Bernard Descales

Bernard & his friends made this a very memorable day

This is a classical style open air church where people would attend Mass while remaining on their boats ever since the time of plague
Tomorrow we will board one of these cruise ships to continue our journey